Autoclaves/Sterilizers Maintenance & Usage

Caring for your autoclave is important to minimize the need for repairs, which can be expensive and impact your patient care.  Your autoclave should come with a user manual, and it’s important to reference this and follow the directions provided by the manufacturer of your specific unit. This includes weekly or monthly cleaning. You should have your autoclave inspected on … Read More

Microscope Maintenance and Care

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Many problems that arise with microscopes are the result of improper handling. When carrying your microscope, you should always hold it by the base and the support arm. Never pick it up by grabbing the stage, as this can cause issues with alignment. If you are going to be transporting your microscope on a regular basis, you may want to … Read More

Anesthetic Vaporizers

Anesthetic Vaporizer Repair

How often should you have your vaporizer serviced? You should have your vaporizer inspected annually.  When your vaporizer is inspected, the Technician should have an anesthetic agent analyzer, and you should be provided with an accuracy report of the vaporizer. The readings of your vaporizer only show the output accuracy at the time of the service, it is not a … Read More


Acura Medical Systems Inc. is committed to providing the safest possible service and support to our customers in the human and veterinary healthcare professions. During this unprecedented time, we feel it is important to share the efforts we are taking to prioritize the health of our employees, their families, our vendors, and our customers. We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 … Read More

Inspection Importance of Medical, Dental and Veterinary Equipment

Along with providing routine service and repair on medical and veterinary equipment, Acura Medical Systems, Inc. provides annual inspections of your equipment, ensuring it functions properly and as the manufacturer intends. A comprehensive report will be provided for your records upon completion of the inspection. Having your equipment checked annually can catch issues before they progress to the point that … Read More

National Pet Dental Health Month

Veternary Equipment Repair

The American Veterinary Medical Association sponsors National Pet Dental Month every February. Poor dental hygiene can impact more than just your animals teeth. Bacterial Endocarditis is a bacterial infection that affects the inner lining of the heart, and this is seen commonly in dogs that have dental disease. Dental care on your animal should be performed by a Veterinarian, or … Read More