Choosing the Right Autoclave

Purchasing a new autoclave is a major investment in your practice and making sure you are selecting one that will suit all your needs is important.

Our Technicians can speak with you directly to answer questions you may have and provide guidance on what make and model would best suite your needs.

See below for a quick guide of things to consider before making the purchase.

Type of autoclave

  • There are different kinds of autoclaves that sterilize using different methods. Selecting the right one based on your needs will be important.
  • Most veterinary and dental practices utilize a steam autoclave for sterilization. These are ideal for heat resistant medical devices.

Chamber size and shape

  • You will want to consider what size of equipment you will be processing in the autoclave, and how many loads a day you process. Making sure you have a unit with a chamber large enough to fit your equipment will be critical.
  • How much counter space to you have available? You will need to make sure that you have the space for a large autoclave. Most veterinary and dental practices use a countertop autoclave. Autoclaves need to be placed on a sturdy, level surface.

Manual vs automatic autoclaves

  • An automatic autoclave will run a cycle without assistance from the user. They are also typically more expensive than a manual autoclave.
  • A manual autoclave may require the user to complete multiple actions while running a cycle to keep the process going.
  • You will need to consider whether your staff on site will have the time to monitor the autoclave every time a cycle is running if you choose a manual model.

Choosing the right manufacturer

  • Is the manufacturer well known and will your autoclave be supported should be need repairs?
  • What kind of warranty does the manufacturer offer if you are purchasing your autoclave new?