Employee Highlight: Lydia

Lydia is the office manager at Acura Medical Systems and has been with the company since 2016. She’ll be one of two people you’ll speak with when calling into our office! When she’s not at work she enjoys spending time outdoors. If she has the chance she won’t say no to hiking, camping, or canoeing and is always happy sitting … Read More

Choosing the Right Autoclave

Purchasing a new autoclave is a major investment in your practice and making sure you are selecting one that will suit all your needs is important. Our Technicians can speak with you directly to answer questions you may have and provide guidance on what make and model would best suite your needs. See below for a quick guide of things … Read More

MedGas Installations for Veterinary Practices

Your MedGas system is a critical part of your practice. Acura Medical Systems is your one stop business for installing and repairing MedGas and Vacuum systems in your veterinary practice. Whether you just need your wall or ceiling outlets replaced, or you need a complete MedGas installation or upgrade, we can help! We can also assist with hooking up your … Read More

Employee Highlight: Bryan Bassingthwaite

  Bryan has been with Acura Medical Systems, Inc. for 12 years! He is our Project Manager and oversees our MedGas work and exam light installations. He also has a wealth of knowledge related to equipment service and repair. Bryan lives with his wife and daughter, and their two dogs. He enjoys deer hunting, going to concerts when not in … Read More

Employee Highlight

  This month we are highlighting one of our Technicians, Anthony, who has been with Acura Medical Systems, Inc. since 2014! Anthony and his wife Molly will be celebrating their five-year anniversary in May. They own a dog, Ruby, that was featured previously in our Pets of Acura post. They have recently been watching the show Forged in Fire together … Read More

Dental Unit Maintenance

Maintaining your dental unit and handpieces can help you avoid costly repairs and helps ensure the safety of your patients. You should set-up a process for your practice that every staff member follows, and staff should familiarize themselves with the dental unit and have access to the manual. You should also have your dental unit checked annually by qualified Technicians … Read More

Ensuring Your Pets Return

Vet Equipment Service Cincinnati

Microchipping your dog or cat is the most effective way to help ensure their return should they become lost or missing. It is a quick process that does not require anesthesia or surgery and is as painful as a regular injection. While there is a good chance you’ll find your pet if they’re wearing a collar and tags, it’s always … Read More

Employee Highlight: Ron Thorpe

Ron is our Technical Operations Manager and has been with Acura Medical Systems since 2006. Along with overseeing our other Technicians, Ron is a Subject Matter Expert on a variety of equipment types and has years of experience servicing, repairing, and inspecting veterinary and human medical equipment. Ron also regularly spends time working with manufacturers and researching equipment to provide … Read More